Nosso Objetivo Estatutário
Instituto Natus aims to promote ethic, peace, citizenship, human rights, democracy and other universal values through initiatives that contribute to build a fairer society and aware of its rights and its opportunities, promoting thus sustainable and conscious citizenship by creating and implementing justice policies, encouragement to entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

Our Statutory Objective
e Institute may, for the achievement of its social objective, use any means and activities permitted by the law, especially:

- Supporting and promoting Social Justice through conciliatory initiatives that bring harmony to society;
- Supporting and promoting education and training;
- Promoting studies and researches that have as purpose the development of new models and techniques to improve social justice, security, education and citizenship;
- Supporting and promoting projects aimed at entrepreneurship and empowerment in pursuing career opportunities;
- Contributing to democratization of information, through the knowledge management;
- Promoting research and encouragement to the development of techniques or technologies directly or indirectly aimed at improvements in human life;
- Supporting and promoting cultural activities;
- Supporting and promoting sports activities;
Establishing partnerships or agreements with private and public entities, to materialize the social object of the Institute;
- Promoting, supporting and developing, in its various work fronts, intellectual, cultural and sportive manifestations, through technical training, publications and editing, itself or through third parties, technical, scientifical, cultural and artistical books and magazines, videos and other means of dissemination and communication to help sharing the Institute's social objective;
- Promoting volunteering in several areas;
- Any other activities bidding to achieve the social goal, previously approved by the Executive Board.
In order to meet the urgent needs of our country, Instituto Natus presents various projects, offering encouragement and support to citizenship, channeling resources to promote entrepreneurship, establishing its Field of Expertise.
Who We Are - non profit organization
Jair Francisco de Andrade Pinheiro
Electrical Engineer graduated from the Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia, post-graduated degree in Business Management from the Administração Mauá. Speaker interested in Sustainable Development and Conscious Entrepreneurship.

Maria Helena C. A. Mora
Executive Secretary
Lawyer graduated from Universidade São Francisco - USP.
Cidadania & Empreendedorismo
citizenship, sustainable entrepreneurship, innovation
& social responsibility